I feel like Neo!

Okay, let me explain. Remember that scene from Matrix when Neo comes onboard and starts training. He emerges from one training session and says, ‘I know Kung Fu’. That’s exactly how I feel. Not about Kung Fu. About Mergers & Acquisitions. We just finished the M&A final and I now want to announce to the world, ‘I know M&A!’. That’s right.

After taking the 10-week course, I feel I’d know what to do if I was ever in a M&A situation – either as an acquirer or a target. Prof. George Geis did a great job structuring the class. The course project (which I thought was the best part) required us to identify an acquirer company and a target company. We then had to put together a pitch book for the execs of the acquirer company making a case for why the deal is a great idea and recommend a deal structure. As usual, I learned A TON working on the project. During the team presentations, which took place during the last two classes, each of the students was asked which deal they would be willing to support by distributing $10 million among their top 3 choices. And my team won the highest amount of money! My project team had suggested that Oracle should acquire Informatica.

Wouldn’t it be fun if the deal actually happened in real life?

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