To Study Abroad or Not?

It’s been far too long since my last blog post, which dates back to early in the summer. I just needed a mental break from having to think about school, and the summer was the time I gave myself to relax and decompress. I had every intention of writing regularly upon the start of school, but my course-load and work schedule combined for a horrendous September. It was my own doing though, scheduling 3 classes that all started in late August, including a course that met for 4 consecutive Sundays from 9-5pm, except for Labor Day. At least I can say that I’ve found my limit in terms of the amount of course-work I should take at one time. Good knowledge for the future as I plan the next few semesters.

What these next 1.5 years has in store is very much open. I still harbor desires to study abroad. The choice of cities is somewhat limited by the few other programs around the world share the desire to exchange part-time students. There are four exchange programs available to EWMBA students, of which I would likely choose between Barcelona and Spain. I’m not saying that these programs are anything to sneeze at, and indeed, Barcelona is a top destination for me to begin with. The lack of opportunities in east Asia is somewhat disappointing though. Specifically, I would have preferred a Mandarin-speaking country such as Taiwan or China which would provide me with an opportunity to immerse myself in an environment that would improve my Mandarin.

I never considered studying abroad as an undergrad, and indeed, I never had much of a desire to travel. I was a stereotypical California kid who felt that I already lived in the best place in the world and didn’t feel the need to explore beyond the west coast, let alone a different country. I’ve since learned the value of exploring beyond my comfort zones, and thus want to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s a difficult task though, to balance the desire to expand my horizon beyond a California-centric view of the world with the need to honor my commitment to my personal and work life.

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