Class of 2013 Orientation

Hard to believe it’s been over a month since our last student post. Everyone is recuperating during the Summer for the most part, though Fall is right around the corner.

Last weekend was the official kick-off for the new student class (Class of 2013) — starting with Orientation. Welcome to Haas, new students! Officially, this kicks off the school year and the Fall semester as well . In fact, the core classes for the new, lucky Blue cohort should be starting tonight. Meanwhile, 2nd and 3rd years (like myself) still have another 1-2 week’s worth of rest.

That is, unless you’re still wrapping up Summer School. Competitive Strategy this Summer has been enlightening, but extremely fast-paced, given the Summer schedule. Very worthwhile, so it’s convenient that it will now be a part of core classes for the new and future students.
Orientation was filled with a number of activities to prepare the students for their time here and making the best use of it, so they can do more beyond (the end goal). Of course, intra- and cross-cohort networking, bonding, and fun are also key elements.
Last Friday, during the first dinner of Orientation, Dean Lyons (picture above) went over our four defining principles at Haas, which capture what Berkeley-Haas means when it develops future leaders:
  • Question the Status Quo
  • Students Always
  • Confidence without Attitude
  • Beyond Yourself
While these all exemplify the Haas way, we also like to enjoy ourselves and shake things up. I don’t want to spoil it for future prospective students, but Orientation is always memorable. I was fortunate to get to partake in a few festivities, including the party on Saturday, as a co-chair of our EWMBAA Admissions Committee along with many, many volunteers (to whom I extend a big thanks!).
Congrats to the Gold cohort who won prizes during one of our little competitions also.
This year was a Hawaiian/Luau theme (see picture: me posing with our beloved Program Office folks, in front of a backdrop they created with friends). While the Admissions Committee worked closely with the Program Office to coordinate student-led events during Orientation, there were so many things going on behind the scenes, that we have to take our hats off to them on providing a great atmosphere and experience for the students.
All in a day’s work at Haas. We come prepared and strive toward being a part of something grander. Have a great start to the new year, everyone!
– TL

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