What a Great Time… SIB China '10

Just got back from one of our Seminars in International Business. This Summer’s was in China (Beijing and Shanghai – pic on left is the Bund in Shanghai). What an awesome time we had out there. Not only did we visit over 1.5 dozen companies, including Microsoft, Google, 51Job, NBA China, Nalco, and more, we got get a shot of tourism in. Definitely beautiful sights to see (Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Shanghai Aquarium, etc.) and culture to soak up.

We’ve come back with a better understanding of what companies do to keep pace in the dynamic, growing environment in China. Dealing with State Owned Enterprises, Government incentives/disincentives, the saturation of college students with entitlement issues and the maturation of a growing super power. But best of all, we’ve made some new friends and even got to hang out with our likeable Program Office buddies (“Mr. Wong” and Shelby), who joined in the festivities.
I can’t forget about the food, of which we explored and part-took in large quantities. From xiao

long bao (Shanghai Dumplings – see picture) to hot pot and lamb skewers (there were even live scorpions, donkey meat and other random eats), I feel full just thinking about it. I think I can do without Chinese food for a little while though.
In the end, I will never forget the karaoke nights, the joking around with the student crew, crazy taxi rides and aching legs from long walks through both historic sites and random city streets.
Thanks to everyone who made it a worthwhile adventure. Definitely encourage and throw out my best wishes to those going to future trips. You’ll be envied for it.
Just watch out for grabby street vendors. “DNE!”

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