Where have all the 1st years gone during break?

I had an interesting discussion with a 2nd year friend of mine last week when she pointed out that we 1st years gave gone conspicuously missing during breaks. I hadn’t noticed a difference since I didn’t know what the norm was, but it’s apparently quite conspicuous.

Well folks, I’m here with the answer to the mystery: Koret Classroom. If you responded as my friend did, it was probably with a, “Huh?”, so let me explain. Koret Classroom is the new lecture hall hidden away behind the MBA lounge towards to left, if you were to walk towards the computer center. A state-of-the-art 75-seat room, it not only makes a great lecture hall, it also makes for a great centralized location for us to have dinner. So great, in fact, that we hardly sit down at FIFO’s these days, but rather just grab and go, returning to the classroom to eat and chat.

This is a far cry from C230, which was where we had our classes prior to the new year. The room was simply not conducive to group discussions, and people were simply eager to leave the room the moment break started. No longer, now that we are in Koret. The new classroom, combined with people walking to the DFC (Durant Food Court), I-House Café, or some other location that shall remain nameless (hey, we have to have some secrets!) lead to us not being about at FIFO’s or the BofA forum as much as we had been previously.

So there you have it, the mystery of the missing 1st years is solved! Given this classroom will likely be used for all future core EWMBA classes, I think this may in fact become the new norm. It’s interesting how the opening of a new facility appears to be altering behavior among students, potentially impacting the amount of time we have to mingle with other classes. Seems there are many other opportunities to do so though, and besides, it’s not as if we are all locking ourselves up in Koret. It just represents one additional area for students to gather.

One thought on “Where have all the 1st years gone during break?

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