From one semester to the next

First, Congratulations to Deanne and Anlei on their graduation, along with the rest of the Class of 2010! They’ve earned their degrees, had some crazy times (some not over with “final” finals and papers), and developed cherished memories. We will certainly miss them around campus, but hope to see them as our illustrious alumni list grows longer!

Forgot to mention that a few weeks back, I was lucky enough to get to meet many of the wonderful Round 1 and Round 2 admits for the Class of 2013 at one of our Welcome Receptions. Again, congratulations to the new and fresh faces to Haas. At the reception, Dean Lyons spoke, as did one of our EWMBA Alumni (Class of 2007), and Hector Preciado (our current EWMBA Student Body President). Definitely glad to see another lively bunch with impressive resumes, but more importantly, interesting backgrounds and “down-to-earth” personalities.

I was treated this week to another quick international trip for work in between my weekend classes. This time, I went out to Copenhagen to visit a client for a few days, before trying to get back and playing catch-up with all the “other” work that got

deferred during the trip. Then, I tried to get my homework done in a hotel room (and sometimes at a cafe on the street). That being said, there’s something special about being a Haas student also and seeing the world from a student perspective. Each trip is a learning adventure. It’s almost a supplement to the education, and another reason why being a part-timer isn’t always a bad thing if you take it in the right context.
Too bad I couldn’t see the famous “mermaid” statue in Copenhagen, as they moved it to Shanghai for World Expo! Maybe I’ll catch it though during our Summer Seminar in International Business over there– that’d be ironic! 🙂
Anyway, I’ve returned home, dealt with the jetlag, and we had a fantastic wrap-up to both Power and Politics and Financial Information Analysis. In the former, we did a recap on all the areas that we covered during the semester and had a party. In the latter, we had a final massive (read: the class was split in 1/2 for two large groups) group presentation presenting on an M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) scenario– valuation and deal structuring and all. Our team did great– and had some amazing feedback from a panel of folks that are already in the field today.
It’s hard to believe that another year is done. Can’t wait to celebrate some more.. but in the mean time, still have another paper to write, and a presentation to put together, even though our class sessions are over.
Have a great Summer, everyone!

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