One Week Away

So tomorrow is the start of the last weekend of school. As my good friend put it, this will be the last week I’ll be an MBA student. Tomorrow afternoon, it will be time to go make our presentation to venture capitalists – the real deal in Menlo Park. Our whole semester grade rides on 40 minutes and a paper. I feel excited, a little anxious, and slightly scared, but we’ve got a great idea, a great team, and I know it will all go smoothly.

Not to be outdone by the first years, the third years also have a trip to Vegas. And we’ve already started talking about our reunion that’s been scheduled the last weekend of April 2011. It’s hard to believe that three years has flown by – a lot of teleconferences, a lot of powerpoint decks, and a lot of case studies. Is it all worth it? It’s like that runner’s high. Feeling a bit exhausted (ok, maybe more than a little bit at this very moment), but satisfied. I’m enjoying the feeling that something was accomplished and all the hard work leading up to this moment has been worth it. At this time next week, Deanne and I will probably be celebrating with family and friends, but for now, back to the powerpoint (version 63 just got uploaded – no kidding!).

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