So they call graduation Commencement – because it is really a beginning. Is it the beginning of the end, or just the end of the beginning?

I’m not so good with endings, and I’ve had a number of comments on my blogs, emails and seen facebook messages that others in the Class of 2010 feel similarly. As I’ve said previously, I only took 1 unit of classes this semester apart from the Dubai international seminar – so the entire semester has almost been like a slow ending to the EWMBA Program for me. So I’ve been trying to turn the end of the degree into a number of beginnings.

I’d say like myself, most of my classmates in the EWMBA are typically people who are used to doing 100 different things at once, and very driven and organized people. So suddenly having lots of free time is something I find very difficult – it starts to make me feel a bit nervous. I mentioned to my husband that I might look into studying another Masters degree – I think he nearly divorced me on the spot. I’ve been trying to set myself other goals so I still feel like I can be productive with my spare time, and have something to work towards. I haven’t always been much of an athlete – so running was something I took up this year, and decided to work on – and my goal is to run the San Diego Half Marathon (the Rock & Roll Marathon) in June. The satisfaction of increasing my running distance has replaced the feelings of stimulation and achievement as I studied for exams, or completed assignments. I know the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Class of 2010 set a class goal of completing a half iron man race at ‘Vine Man’ in Sonoma – so I definitely think its a common sensation for graduating students to replace their studying with other goals.

So – its been very quiet from our 1st and 2nd year bloggers – I guess they’re all busy with extra communications classes, studying for final exams and finishing off those final group projects. Good luck to all as the semester draws to a close. Less than 10 days now till graduation!

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