Wow – I’ve finally finished…. Is quite a strange feeling, never really thought about what life would be like post-MBA (its hard to image you’ll ever be done when you’re going through it). I got my final grades – and its such a relieving feeling. So I’ve been spending my free time catching up on things I never had time to do – finished a metric century bike ride last Sunday, which was an incredible feeling – having time to do all those things I’ve been putting off.

I’ve ordered my cap and gown, and am getting all set for graduation, along with all the parties that go along with it.

Time to savor the moment of finally being done!

One thought on “Done….

  1. Hey Deanne,Your sensation sounds great … what I’m looking forward to too in about 10 days. R u still at Chevron?.. I haven't seen you for like over a year! Deanne this may sound crazy but I’m thinking that when I reach your point in the timeline that it might be wise to immediately take up another objective, with deliverables for the next month or so, outside of work for myself. Why? – no theory but my experience during the last couple weeks as I wind down — after finishing 2 classes and only one big project to do for a third class – is that I feel unfocused. Of course that could be wonderful! But while still in work mode (school mode too) being unfocused feels like I should spend a lot of time with that feeling, when unfortunately I am not on vacation to do that! Business is picking up in my advertising agency and we’re starting to go nuts there… but while work certainly has its rigors and I apply Haas learning to it every day, the rigor of learning is no longer being imposed as usual by Haas class demands, and of course I'm pooping out. But my point is that I think that I enjoy that rigor to a certain manageable degree. So I want to keep up the mind focus and not be “lazy” leading to the sense of personal achievement which I have felt in the class learning … I don't think it's fearing change so much as wanting continued growth and exercise. But wanting more work ? I know that may sound crazy at the end of teh journey but that’s how I feel so late Thursday night after class! I guess that's the “Commencement”. – Jonathan

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