Almost There….

While most people seem to be writing about their exciting travel adventures during Spring break, I took the opportunity to stay at home, rather than my constant weekend travel to the Bay Area. It was nice to feel like I could get on top of the things that I had been neglecting at home (and procrastinate on homework!). My house had a really good spring clean, which feels great.

Last Saturday I went to my last class, ever. Was a little sad. It was at Santa Clara, rather than Haas, and the class I’ve been taking this semester is off-set from the regular schedule (its a five-week, Saturday afternoon class for one credit class on Doing Business in China) – so no one else in my class was finishing up this week. So while I smiled with relief at the end of the class, there was no huge celebrations on Saturday. I do still have a final paper to write, due next week, and perhaps after that there will be some celebrations. But I’m looking forward to all the partying with my fellow third year classmates around graduation. And although I’m feeling a little sad about coming to the end of an era, as one of my fellow third-years pointed out, it now means we have opportunities to do all the things at Haas that we never had time for when we were too busy with class – like auditing classes that sound really interesting just for the fun of it, and going to ‘Taste of Haas’ and other alumni events.

So this week I’m busy working on my final paper, but I’ll let you know what freedom feels like next week!


2 thoughts on “Almost There….

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