A Spring Break Medley

Spring Break

It’s again Spring Break with many (self-included) trying to recuperate. The semester has gone by quickly, but there’s still a few more group projects left to go. I might even be able to use some time here efficiently and get ahead on my individual papers. But more likely, I’ll just start organizing and get swayed into enjoying the break with my friends and family.

We like to refer to them as the “Haas Widows,” given our propensity to get buried in our studies and work.

Some fantastic few have gone on to do special events this week, like helping out with the community in New Orleans (go, Bears!). Unfortunately, in March Madness, our Bears didn’t make it past Duke, but they played pretty strong and made a good showing for us and the Pac-10.
More importantly, we’re already planning for the Summer– right around the corner– and it looks to be a full one. I’m setup to take the Seminar in International Business (China). Very excited and looking forward to visiting companies in Beijing and Shanghai with my fellow classmates. Definitely will keep you posted on how that goes! I’m also taking a summer school class when I return, which should pave the way well for a hopefully more relaxed final year. I’m really only half way through things and I’m already nostalgic!
I keep forgetting to take pictures at events, like our EWMBA Committee Kick-off and our recent Poker Night (last Saturday). I’ll remember to next time– I’m just glad I came up net positive last weekend in gambling.
Happy Spring Break, everyone!

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