Vacation Hangover

I know it’s too late to be talking about winter vacations and it’s already been a month and a half since our vacation in India ended but here I am – still very homesick. This is the longest vacation hangover I’ve ever had which is probably due to the amount of fun we had in India.

There was a family wedding. Shopping in Bombay. Visits to four different cities to meet our families. A revisit to this small fishing village that I visited for a few summers as a child. And then there was this interesting incident at one of the tiniest airports I’ve ever been to – where we managed to miss our flight even though we were waiting in front of the only door you could go through to catch the flight (long story). Overall very eventful and immensely memorable.

We stopped over in Dubai for four days on the way back from India. We landed in Dubai two days after the opening of Burj Khalifa – which has to be the sexiest building ever in addition to being the tallest. As we were coming down the elevator from the observation deck, I had this realization about myself. I never want to go up another tall building again. They are such tourist traps and it’s always the same boring drill – stand in line to buy tickets, stand in line for the elevator up and then stand in yet another line to come back down. The views are definitely beautiful but in my opinion not worth the effort. I wonder if I’m just turning blaze having done this a few times. Regardless, the Burj is awesomely striking and it was hard to stop taking pictures every time I saw it.

So we got back home on the 10th of January and I had exactly one weekend to relax before school started on Jan 23rd. We have Operations and Finance this term and things are moving fast. Not only did we already finish four classes, we also completed the Operations mid-term last week. The workload is much higher than Fall. Every week we have homework and case preparation and a quiz at the beginning of every Finance class. It’s really tough but I’m learning so much. And our finance professor, who is an excellent teacher and inherently funny, makes the classes something to look forward to every week.

What is easing the course load this time is that we got to pick our own teams and I’ve teamed up with the rest of the Seattle folks which gives us a chance to discuss homework and cases in person – much easier than over phone. To keep up with the increased load we have now started meeting twice a week. With classes all-day Saturday and 3-hour study group sessions two days a week plus full-time work, free time has ceased to exist.

But since this experience is guaranteed to result in a positive NPV (inside joke) – it’s worth it.

Until next time

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