Entrepreneurship and Finals

Alas, while my fellow bloggers were partying at the Xmas Party, my Entrepreneurship Team and I were busy preparing for our VC pitch.

It’s finally over now though, as we got to make our way up legendary Sand Hill Rd. to pitch in front of five VCs and our professor (he’s part of a VC too actually, so I guess that makes six). That’s quite a feeling to go in front of people and try to eloquently make sense of your proposed start-up, but congrats all around to the class’s teams who have executed on Monday, and those who will this coming Saturday!

All in all, the class was an amazing learning experience. Interesting to sit in front of this V-shaped table (at the point) and get peppered with questions on the proposal and the small matter of a request for funding. But as a former classmate said to us, “if you don’t get questions, you don’t have a real case.” Nevertheless, I’m sure that the VCs, knowing we were a class, gave us the kid gloves treatment.

Also, further cementing how important relationships are, I was delighted to find that one of the VC’s listening to our pitch was an old friend from way back that I hadn’t seen in years. He (and I) both have very common names, so I didn’t think twice about it until we met in-person. In any case, kudos to the class and the VCs– the feedback we received from the professor, one of the mentors and the VCs has been invaluable. I remember when one mentor’s feedback to us was that our simple logo (see left) was “nice and consistent”– that’s not a good thing to hear as the first feedback point, is it (ha!)? We had our OB-related struggles, alongside working the market research and identifying the proper course of action, but we made it through

I’m sure the advanced entrepreneurship class that Deanne mentioned would be an incredible one too (and have to look into that for next year). I’m just looking to get through one last class and final, and it will be Winter Break smooth sailing. Party on..

Congrats to the new EWMBAA Student Body: it includes my fellow entrepreneurship teammate, Asad, who is the newly elected EWMBAA VP, Hector (Pres.), Rahul (Treasurer) and fellow blogger, Div, as Secretary (as was mentioned in an earlier post, I believe). Looking forward to another strong year– big shoes to fill, with our incumbent President, Anlei (another blogger), graduating soon.

Good luck on finals, all!

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