Five more weeks?

Definitely jealous that Anlei got to meet some of our new bloggers. I’m still “out-of-the-loop” in that regard. Hoping to catch them during some upcoming social event at Haas though. It certainly isn’t easy, despite the fairly small group we have with all the class and work schedules involved.

November’s rolled around and we only have a handful of weeks (four more classes for the 2nd and 3rd year weekenders, given the Thanksgiving Holiday) for the semester.

Since my last post, I’ve started my third class, “Designing Financial Models that Work.” It has been an interesting class on spreadsheeting financials in a way that fosters clearer communication with non-financial resources. Definitely very useful in establishing a clear message that resonates with any audience when making business decisions based on quantitative data. Gave up my Sunday afternoons for this, but our professor keeps things lively and has a lot of enthusiasm on the subject, which is a tremendous boon. I also definitely have learned some new Excel tricks and it’s not like I was a newbie there to begin with.

On the work side, I was fortunate enough to visit my U.S. work headquarters in Boston last week during a time with reasonably good weather (50’s and 60’s– pretty nice for this time of year actually). Unfortunately, I caught a typical Winter cold on the way back. As always, working around all the dynamics of the Haas EWMBA life is a challenge, but one worth keeping pace with!

Now, people are starting to commit to running for EWMBAA student body positions for the new year. We’re excited to see the new batch of representatives to keep Haas running strong– the way we expect it to! Good luck to our new candidates. Lastly, we’re all beginning to look at the Spring 2010 bidding process for electives, and another round of new classes. Here’s looking at the holiday season in full swing.


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