Staying on Target…

Without any time off to catch our collective breaths between 10-week courses, I and my fellow first years are now 4 weeks deep into our second set of classes. The transition has been a bit rougher than I expected. We had just endured our first ten week courses, turning in our Microeconomics group paper on that last Tuesday, taking our Micro final that Friday, then threading the needle on the Saturday 5pm deadline for the Organizational Behavior paper. It was an intensive week for everyone, and no sooner had our collective exhale left us, we were back in class for Wave 2.

One of the first things I did when handed the syllabus for the Accounting and Marketing courses was to consider the papers and midterms each class would have in store for us. And I was rather happy when I noticed nothing substantially time-consuming for either class. Just some problem sets and case reading.

Now, four weeks into these classes, I’m realizing the value of having something to study towards. Additionally, not having a mid-course marker to judge my progress, I’m now well into the course without a firm grasp of how well I’m doing in each course.

Without a midterm to focus studying energies towards, I’ve found myself spending less time hitting the books, and more time catching up with work and other diversions (My PS3 has gotten some heavy usage of late, I’ll admit). Still, I know it’s just a matter of time before the group projects start kicking in to high gear, and I’ll once again find myself buried beneath an avalanche of homework and “real” work. And once again, it’ll be a scramble to complete our group projects while trying to deliver work products during my company’s business time of the year. It’s ironic that the two of the busiest times of the year for work are in May and December, coinciding with finals. Something that no doubt will prove challenging in the years to come.

Well, at least now, I have something else to look forward to at the end of this current 10 weeks. I’ve just booked tickets for a 2-week excursion to Japan! This will be my first time ever to Japan, and I’ll be doing nothing but visiting friends, sampling the food, seeing the sights, and generally doing everything but thinking of work and school. I can’t wait!!

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