Just Midterms

I empathize with the first-years– pretty tough with the cycle of fast-moving classes crammed together. I think I remember telling them to “enjoy their Summers” when we did welcome calls to new students. Now, I’m sure they’re hitting the grind, but excelling nonetheless. Pretty amazing what you can do when you put your mind to the task. And certainly, the Class of 2012 is nothing short of amazing.

As for me, we just had a midterm in International Marketing, which was primarily a full written case analysis– or as Prof. Azhar likes to call ’em, a “WAC”! The fun part is that as you dig into cases, they get more interesting and complicated. Whether it be distribution channels, marketing programs, pricing decisions, and questions about standardizing versus adapting to local markets, it keeps us on our toes.

No midterms for entrepreneurship. On that end, it just seems like a steady stream of deliverables, research, updates to the business plan and presentations. Definitely feel like you get the full business experience with it though. I’m sure my team would agree that we’re meeting almost daily– no easy matter when work, other classwork and extracurricular activites are involved. For those that say the 2nd year is easier, I’m not so sure just yet. Anlei reminds me that maybe it’s tough to take entrepreneurship first up on electives. Still, I can’t help but feel that it gives you a solid, round picture of building a business and see it as a nice first step (leap). Our foray is into CleanTech, which is a new industry to most of our team, further complicating the matter.

On the flip side, November is the month where my 3rd class kicks in, and it’s steadily approaching. I’m sure that’ll add to the mix. And, we just started registration for the Mid-Program Academic Retreat (MPAR), so it’s right on the horizon (Jan ’10). But, the exposure to the team and the learnings involved have been well worth it.

Full steam ahead, everyone! I’m looking forward to the holidays and “fattening up” for the Winter.

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