Only the beginning…

Whew! Those first ten-weeks, and along with them our first two courses, have flown by faster than I would have expected! At the same time, I feel as if I’ve been back in school for a year. Even back at week five, after we’d taken our first midterm, I recall thinking that my weekly schedule of making the trek to Berkeley from the Peninsula had become so routine, I barely think twice about it.

Additionally, I feel as if I’ve known my classmates for a long time. Some of that stems from Orientation, where the program staff put together a great weekend that got everyone mingling and sharing. I do think that my classmates have made a concerted effort to get together as often as possible though, whether it be after class or at a weekend picnic, we’re all very eager to get to know one another.

The camaraderie definitely helps make classes go by more quickly. There have been times when we were all feeling the pressures of balancing work, life, and school. Around week eight when two group papers and a final were looming over us, it also seemed as if work was coming to a head for many of us with the 3rd Quarter close rapidly approaching. So far though, I’ve not had to put the rest of my life on hold. Nor, does it seem, have many of my classmates. That said, it was nice to have a few days off from reading, homework, or group projects to prepare ourselves for the next wave.

I know though that I’m getting really far ahead of myself in congratulating myself for finishing the first 10 weeks, which essentially is what… 1/12th of the entire program? And in the infamous words of a few of the 2nd and 3rd year students I’ve spoken to, I know it’s only going to pick up. “It hasn’t even started yet” and “Just wait” are only a few of what I’ve heard spoken. So I have no doubt that while it’s felt very manageable to date, that will be changing very shortly.

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