Labor Day and closure for Add/Drop

Will make this a quick one, before the Labor Day Weekend. Classmates and I are ready and willing to enjoy our first break (already) since the start of the new school year. I, for one, will be up past Point Reyes, visiting the Hog Island Oyster Farm some time this weekend. I’m salivating already.

Anyway, as a second year, it was my first time going through the Add/Drop Process (that spans the first few weeks of the semester).

It’s amazing.. I went from having a set of two classes (plus, a 1-unit course – not started yet), but ending up with an entirely new set of two separate courses. I was really having a hard time choosing for my afternoon set between two classes actually (and trying to keep up with the workload for both, just in case). But then I realized I wanted to take a third course– which is the one I ended up with. Now, I have to play a little catch-up for that class.

The bottom line is there were several options that I was interested in, and in the end, I got the courses that I wanted. All’s well that ends well. Peace and calm.

Not sure if it will be that smooth (or chaotic) for the next semester, but definitely excited as both of my current courses have a lot of affluent guest speakers from the field.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend, everyone!
– Tim

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