Back in Black

Well, its Labor Day weekend – and some people may be at Hog Island Oyster Company (I wish I was there!), I’m on campus back into my Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA classes for the Fall. The BCEMBA’s have a brutal schedule! But I’m also dreaming of the end of semester and my trip home to Australia (hence the ACDC reference for those of you who didn’t catch it). It seems the semester is flying by already, and my 3 weeks of summer break are a distant memory. And like Anlei, I feel like I have a ton of reading and preparation to do and I’m behind already. I think I destroyed an entire old oak grove printing out all my reading for my first few classes.

I’ve decided to take a heavier load this semester to get as many classes done as I can, and hopefully not take any classes in the Spring. So I’m taking Executive Leadership and Advanced Entrepreneurship in BCEMBA with Berkeley professors and Pricing with a Columbia professor. Plus Designing Financial Models that Work and Mergers & Acquisitions on the weekends in the EWMBA program. I’m excited about going to New York for my Columbia block in BCEMBA in November after the fun I had there in the summer. Plus I’m planning a trip over the Thanksgiving break, and travelling home to Australia for Christmas, and hoping to get into the International seminar over the winter break. Wow – the next 4 months look really busy! Plus I’m trying to fit work, some time at the gym and some time with my husband in somewhere….

While the second years may be getting excited about the international seminars, I know many third years are thinking wistfully about their few remaining days at Haas and finishing early through the winter international seminar – so everyone is going to be vying for spots on this trip.

It is nice to be back on campus, enjoying coffee from Cafe Strada, catching up with old friends, seeing the program staff again (and missing smiley Tim) and enjoying some fabulous (and a little warm) weather in Berkeley.

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