1st day as a 2nd Year

It’s good to be back.

I’ve been sticking with the weekend classes for now, as it fits with my current work schedule. A lot of familiar faces as I returned to class last Saturday, and it has been great to catch up. Tough to do so in those Summer months spent focusing on work and all the friends and family who haven’t seen us during the crunch of first-year.

The middle year has been different from day one though, as previously mentioned:

  • Many of my old cohort have switched to evenings only, due to the classes they’ve selected or timing with work. And, of course, one misses seeing their familiar faces. Props to Axe ’11!
  • On the flip side, with the mix of electives, we’re sure to meet new people in our own classes, in both the 2nd and 3rd years. New buddies to share in the experience.
  • While the 1st year’s are super busy with the grind of core courses, they are enthusiastic as ever. They inject even more life into the bustle of our Haas courtyard (and we steal some of their coffee).
  • Add/Drop period for electives has many people racing about to check out the latest and greatest classes available. Electives are all about choices, and even though we’ve just begun the new year, it already seems like b-school is flying by with all the thoughts of which classes to choose for the upcoming semesters and to fulfill all our educational/experiential desires.
  • Best of all, our elective classes end at 4:00pm (versus 6), so our day isn’t completely killed, and we can study, hang out or the like. In our case, many a classmate ended up at Henry’s, where we used our happy hour to catch up further and talk about plans for our upcoming class projects.

It’s been a wild rush of blood to the head. It’s back to studying and preparing for cases once again and the juggling act, though tempered by less units. And already there’s a buzz stirring about the Mid-Program Academic Retreat (MPAR) and upcoming International Business Seminars.

Time to get back in gear!

– Tim

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