August already?

Already August.. how time flies! Some of my fellow classmates are getting ready for Corporate Financial Management (CFM) finals this week; others are trying to absorb as much of their free time (i.e. after work and weekends) in enjoyment as possible. I’m sure they’ll ace it!

While I haven’t had as incredible overseas journeys this Summer as some of my colleagues and classmates, I did enjoy some brief camping, hiking and rafting. I’m looking forward to this upcoming weekend, as it’s my brother’s (a former Cal student, incidentally) wedding. We’re all excited, though it means that I miss new Class of 2012 Orientation. So for that, I wish my compadres in the Admissions Committee (and our new incoming students) good luck this Friday through Sunday! There will be a lot in store for the weekend, most of it a lot of fun– and above all, a crashing wave of meeting new faces, new friends, and of course, a new surge of possibility and opportunity. Look forward to meeting the new class again soon (whether I have or haven’t seen you during receptions).

In another three weeks, we’ll be charging forward again in the new school year (even earlier for 1st year’s, who start a week earlier– and even earlier than that for evening students!). In any case, the new school year steadily approaches and it will be good to see all the enthusiastic faces, both fresh and returning.

Hope everyone’s had a fantastic Summer and is ready to get back into the grind. Here we come!

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