I’m in a New York State of Mind…..

I’ve just returned from New York for classes at Columbia as part of the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA classes that I am taking several electives with during the summer. The BCEMBA students have 4 blocks of classes at Berkeley, and one block in New York at Columbia. I feel very fortunate to have joined them in New York last week. I have to say that the BCEMBA’s know how to party! Wednesday night we were hosted by Columbia at a rooftop venue for a cocktail party with views overlooking the New York skyline, followed by bar of night ‘Superdive’ in the East Village. Thursday night was small-group dinners: the social reps in each class had made reservations at funky restaurants around the city for groups of 10 students, followed by drinks at Ginger-man. Friday night the 2011 Class went to a ball-game, and both the 2011’s and 2010’s met up at the rooftop lounge ‘AVA’ overlooking Times Square (well we tried to, but got a little rained out). Saturday night unfortunately I flew back across the country, but the BCEMBA’s had a full evening of partying lined up (in some cases a full evening, night and morning of party were planned).

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to experiences classes in a different format, but also to meet up with another group of Berkeley MBA students. The opportunity to experience another university has also been enlightening for me.

The highlight of the New York trip (apart from the enrapturing Financial Statement lectures, and Entrepreneurship guest speakers/case studies, of course…) was watching the performance of our Financial Statement Analysis professor at the TimeOut Bar New York. Prof Julian Yeo performed ’20’s and 30’s style jazz on Thursday evening – which was incredible. Accounting/Finance professor by day…. jazz crooner by night – we certainly do have some very talented professors! Check out his website

So overall its been fantastic to be a visitor in the BCEMBA program – I thank all the other students who have made me feel so welcome, and taught me a lot. In the meantime, I’m back in Bakersfield working on the final assignments that we have due at our last block of classes in Berkeley in just over 2 weeks. I’m going to try to get over these little town blues, and dream of waking up again in the city that never sleeps….

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