Summer Loving

The great thing about Summer is the number of options available to us students– whether internal to the Haas program or not. Several classmates have gone on the International Business Seminar to China (and there were a few other locations as well this year, I believe) with Haas professors. I saw some great shots from one of my cohort-mates, who was lucky enough to visit a few companies in China including Google and even the NBA (China division)! Personally, I loved the fried scorpions on a stick picture.

Others have begun Summer School classes (including some that are jointly executed with the Columbia program), or may have attended events or other numerous activities still happening, like seminars for raising money with venture capitalists, Career Development Events, Alumni Wine Tasting and more.

In the end, I’m sure that each of our lists of things we wanted to do during the past school year (but couldn’t due to time constraints) has grown very long, and not all of it will have to do with business. At the very least, there is still our full-time work ahead of us, keeping things in full swing. To that, I hope everyone’s having a great summer (and break-ing, if possible).

Congrats to the Round 2 folks for Class of 2012. Look forward to meeting you at the Welcome Reception. A few of you have been asking how to prepare for this year– my suggestion is to enjoy your Summers with family and friends, and get ready for a fun ride.

See all the fellow Haasketeers at the Annual BBQ!

– T

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