Becoming a first time dad in the first year!

Yes, I did! As if life was not already a tad busy, I started on another adventurous and rewarding journey. I became a proud dad a few weeks ago. No, I am not crazy and as it turns out, I still have time to breath, and more. I’m gonna do a quick harp on the adage -if you really want to do something, you’ll find time in a busy schedule. It was really a matter of prioritization. These past few weeks school and work and all other things that I like to do (including blogging) took a back-seat as I immersed into the first-time-dad experience 🙂

I missed classes, I missed GSI sections (including those in preparation of finals), I missed my project deadlines, I missed a lot of fun opportunities to hang out with my classmates, I almost missed my final exams this past quarter (Finance and Operations), but things worked out. How?

– My wife was incredibly supportive!
– I took some time off from work
– I requested video recordings of the classes I missed and tried to catch up during sleepless nights
– My Classmates pitched in to help me with stuff I missed in classes and sections
– My project-mates covered for my work and did a splendid job with the submissions
– Last but not the least; the professors were very accommodating about the scheduling of the exam and my lack of participation during the two weeks I missed school. And although I didn’t eventually have to give the exam outside of the regular schedule, had I requested I would have been able to sit for the exam on an alternate day! Isn’t that flexible?

Shuttle rides to Berkeley (I take the Haas South Bay shuttle) became a ritual of catching up on my sleep and catching up with my classmates on what I had missed. Overall, it was almost as if things conspired to somehow make it work.

A few weeks before the blessed event, I got a surprise baby shower on the shuttle 🙂 Cupcakes and Cards and loads of advice from those who’ve already been balancing kids and school and work. Whether it was practical advice regarding where to buy a Car Seat (I didn’t really have time to do all the research I wanted to do with my schedule) or just support and encouraging words (“it’s only a few months and then things will settle down!”)

Since then we’ve actually had two more baby showers in the bus. And I know of at least one more classmate expecting a kid shortly. Come to think of it, there are at least a couple of folks who had kids just before the term started in August (as well as folks who got married right before). So for those you who’re apprehensive since you’ve planned a life event during the first year, or are starting the program right after one, as I found out, there’s a great support system out here which will help you pull through. There will be sacrifices. I don’t get to spend time after class for a drink, or meet up for an evening out with my classmates or attend those weekend class BBQs or complete all my readings on time. Hopefully, with summer approaching I’ll be able to indulge a bit more. There are always a dozen important things you have to do at the same time, and this may sound a bit tacky, you just find the ones that you most want/need to do, as a manager(the MBA spiel), and as a person.

My apologies though for being away from the blog these past few weeks. I’ll make it up in the next few weeks (and during summer when I am taking a class), I promise. End of school year is nigh, and I hope Mr. Frost would allow the liberty I am taking with his quote as I try and motivate myself to study the nights I’m up with my baby boy-

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
Assignments to complete, deadlines to meet,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


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