Spring Break!

OK, having thrown out some “useful” info (hopefully) on cohort schedules, on to more fun stuff. It’s Spring Break this week for EWMBA’ers, which basically means 1-2 school days off– for me, only this Saturday–but regular work still applies.

I’m working a partial week only, as I elected to take a few days off work (starting tomorrow), so as to enjoy a visit to friends and family. Nothing extravagant; just planning a short trip down to Los Angeles; maybe hit up Disneyland for the first time in a long while.

However, since I wanted to show that EWMBA isn’t only just classes, wanted to throw some thoughts out: You definitely can still have a life doing other things. Of course, juggling too much can really put your multi-tasking ability and need for sleep to the test.

The other day, I took a break from writing papers to spend some time with friends, eating, eating and more eating.

Being a local Bay Area person, I often forget to take advantage of the things we have out here– and yesterday out in Oakland (near Berk), got to sample some Korean BBQ (see empty plates and grill — mmm) and Fenton’s, a popular ice creamery.

It’s good to be by the bay. And every once in a while, you need to give yourself a treat to keep yourself sane. Enjoy!

Happy Spring Break, fellow Haas-keteers!
– T

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