Through the Ringer?

The first-year student’s third half-semester (weird phrase, I know) just wrapped up, as of last Saturday. As you may recall, first year’s have half-semesters due to the crunch of numerous core classes in the business program.

You might also recall that this last session was one of the “dreaded” periods with heavy quantitative work. However, the professors really paced it well, and all of the students benefited from it. The pace of the course helped push people to keep on-track and was well-balanced, such that the courses flew by quickly. Many have learned a lot– I know I have, as these classes were outside my element (not being an operations or finance person). My group members (who worked on simulations together) and other teams definitely shared the sentiment.

Operations had more simulations since my last blog, and they really lit up the competitive fires of my classmates in maximizing profits versus one another (and were fun to boot). While we did a full-on run with managing inventory, capacity and profit-maximizing, we also had fun in another sim, making decisions on design, manufacturing and production, given wild rides of “actual/simulated” demand (versus our calculated forecasts– who feels like Nostradamus?). And, of course, in Finance, our final case study became more “art” than science– as our professor put it. We still had to gather data and making finance calculations, but there were also a number of assumptions we had to make on our own, in order to evaluate company valuation and financing options.

Thanks to our professors for their focus in our learning. There have been days when topics were quite tangential, but they always kept it interesting (for what could’ve been some boring subjects). It helps to have enthusiastic and interested professors!

Now– on to some soft skill courses (ethics, leadership and communication), along with Macro!

– T

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