Summertime & the living is easy…???

So today is officially the last day of winter, but EWMBA students are already looking forward to summer. First years are dreaming of lazy weekends and time with their families and friends, second years are thinking of international seminars to exotic locations and powering through their remaining units over the summer, and the third years are just thinking of the end in sight.

You may have read that I’ve had a pretty light load this semester as I moved for work to central California. I’ve enjoyed getting out on my bike again, rather than spending weekends studying, recovering from studying, or trying to catch up on life after studying. This past weekend I spent three days camping in the southern sierra’s at the Keyesville Classic Mountain Bike Stage Race, and won my division in the cross-country race.

But that means this summer I need to catch up on some of the units I missed. I just found out that I’ve been accepted into Entrepreneurship and Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation in the Berkeley-Columbia program. That means I’ll be up at Berkeley for four sessions of Thursday – Saturday classes, and once in New York at Columbia. The nice thing for me is that these two classes are only half the regular Berkeley-Columbia load, so I’ll have some free time during these sessions – to catch up on study, or perhaps enjoy the festivities of Berkeley that I’ve missed over the past few months (did someone say cafe’s, shops, Bar of the Week, College Avenue & Tilden Park???).

I had a call last week from a newly admitted EWMBA student who just found she has been transferred out of the Bay Area for work. My advice to anyone out there considering commuting to Berkeley is that it gets much easier once you’re done with first year. I don’t know if I’d have the stamina to commute to Berkeley every Saturday, plus work on group projects and have some semblance of a life. Once you get past first year, your options expand widely – firstly there’s less weeks of classes, secondly you get a spring break and then there are some many options of classes – Saturday classes, 2-unit Saturday classes, 1-unit Sunday classes, international seminar, Berkeley-Columbia classes, the list goes on…..

But for now for me, its back outside to enjoy the trails and the fresh air of spring (well, as fresh as the air is in the San Joaquin valley…)


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