Corporate Social Responsibility

Perhaps Berkeley is the perfect setting for a class on Corporate Social Responsibility…. Initially I have to say I was a little skeptical about this class, but I have found it very fascinating learning about what companies are doing that is both good for society/environment and good for business. I spent a rainy Sunday at Haas for the first of two sessions of this one unit class. Professor McElhaney made it very engaging – using all kinds of media, such as websites, videos, advertisements, students experiences and her own book in the teaching mix. I didn’t even notice that it was Sunday, and I was at school – the day just flew by.

This is the third one unit class I’ve taken – they’re shorter classes that are focused around a particular topic of interest – the others I’ve taken were Improvisational Leadership and Active Communicating. I’ve found these less traditional, softer classes to be very valuable. Hearing from other students experiences, learning in a workshop style setting and applying these concepts to real world situations have made them very effective classes – this kind of learning is difficult to get from reading a book – which is one of the reasons I came to Haas.

My assignment for the next class is to examine my own social responsibility actions, and how this fits in with my life objectives – and look at how I can make this more strategic. Then the final assignment is to analyze the CSR strategy of a company (preferably your own company) and make recommendations to that company.

Here is a link that I particularly liked from the class – check it out!


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