Simulations, Committees and Admissions

Some random thoughts this week:

Our Operations class are all experiencing the ever-popular Littlefield Simulation (used at many universities, I think), which allows you to gather data and make operational decisions. Though the professor said we needn’t check it constantly, I can’t say that my email box hasn’t been flooded with emails entitled “Re: littlefield” from my teammates. Gotta love those simulations, where you can apply our utilization and wait queue formulas, etc.

This half-semester has gone by faster than others. It may be that we’re in the swing of things, or that there’s so much going on, that we forget about time (while managing our own, somehow). The committees are forming for the EWMBA Student Association, and it looks like many people are volunteering to (over-)commit to lending a hand (self-included). Congratulations to the new crew.

Lastly, something that sprang to mind was that for next year’s applicants, you’re either close to finding out about your application decisions (March 13th for Round 1), or close to the deadline for submission (March 2nd for Round 2). Good luck!

We were getting some much needed rain this week in the Bay Area, though today is looking like a beautiful, sunny day..

Happy rest of week to everyone,
– Tim

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