Moving Along

Moving along this Semester, Finance and Operations have had a refreshing twist. Our Finance class has a quiz every week, instead of a midterm and true final, which kind of spreads things out a bit and ensures everyone keeps up. Last week was only our second Operations class this Semester, and we have our midterm this Saturday. We wouldn’t have it any other way in terms of pace in the EWMBA program!

Having only quant classes has its upside. Even though we have study teams to work through cases and problem sets together, this half-semester has no group papers, which can be a big time vacuum (not in a bad way, as there’s much to enjoy and learn, but meeting to bring together research, strip out and clean-up sections of a group paper can be very time-consuming).

In Operations, where we look at processes and how to maximize and improve upon them, we have had some nice illustrations of unrealistic (because of variability), but efficient queuing systems. One example came from the Seinfeld episode with “The Soup Nazi!” It’s not all fun and games, but it’s good to see the humor in business areas that could be viewed as mundane.

Speaking of shows, now that some popular ones are back on for the season, you can be sure that a DVR is a close friend of many an MBA student.

Good luck to new EWMBA applicants, who have a month until Round 2 applications are due (3/2). And good luck to current EWMBA’ers applying for the EWMBAA committees this weekend!
– TL

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