Inaugurating a new semester

This is the start of my last semester of business school. It is noticeably quieter this semester. Several of the people from my first-year cohort have already finished all their required classes. All you need to do is to go on an international seminar and take some one-unit courses each semester, then you will be done a semester early. Of course, there are students who will take longer than three years because of the economic downturn and the soft job market.

At this point, I’ve spent a decent percentage of my life as a Haas student. It’s a long process. I hope that senioritis doesn’t kick in too early.

I am looking forward to May 17th. I can start to see the finish line from here. However, right now one of my finals is scheduled for May 19th. I may try to take it early. My family will be flying in for graduation and they’d probably like it if I could attend the ceremony with them.

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