The semester post-mortem

My semester is over now. Yay!

My Entrepreneurship team gave our business plan presentation last night in front of a few venture capitalists. It was quite a rush. So far, this has been the hardest class I’ve taken at Haas. It’s definitely a great learning experience. Coming up with an entire business plan in three month is pretty intense.

Because Entrepreneurship is known to be a lot of work, I wanted to pair this class with something that would be less intense. My other class was Negotiations. Traditionally, Negotiations is a class that is a great learning experience, but not as much outside work. I was surprised to find out that my class had a lot homework. Seventeen write ups and two six-page papers. I hope that Prof. Moore compares his syllabus to other professors’ syllabi before the next semester.

This was a tough semester. I wouldn’t say that this was my hardest semester. That would be the Finance/Operations pairing–sorry first-years. But you too will get through it.

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