Winter Break and Cohorts

With one week left in the first-year’s first semester at Haas, it’s been quite a whirlwind. Amazing, looking back on how much we were able to accomplish in the past few months (tying work, school, family, life, and community service together).

It only makes me wonder whether I was maximizing my time before returning to school. We will definitely be enjoying our holidays and the upcoming break! Some fellow students are hitting Vegas, and others the slopes (if any snow comes). Others might be making a stroll over to the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, wine tasting in Napa or just plain visiting all the family and friends they haven’t seen while buried in homework and group assignments for the past few months!

Here’s a tidbit for some of you incoming students, as you get assigned cohorts (or push for your preference):

  • Obviously, weekday cohorts allow you to retain your weekends (at least, in theory). They are also more closely similar to regular class schedule (in 3 hour blocks)
  • Weekend cohort classes for first-years are longer (4 hour blocks), but are great for those who are traveling in to Haas, or think they may be traveling during the week for work (like me)

One of the best things about the weekend cohorts, in the first year, is that because they are squeezing classes into larger blocks, we have fewer sessions. And in terms of the Winter break, we get a longer one! I think the weekday cohorts re-start after the first-week of January, vs. weekenders, who re-start in the third week. Of course, in the end, after your first-year, you can take any class time (but with priority in your first-year time slots, I believe).

Either way, if you’re a Haasketeer, you’re a part of the family.

P.S. Congrats to EWMBAA’s new elects, including one of our very own bloggers, Anlei!

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