Seeing New Frames Wherever You Go

One of the best parts of continuing education is building new frames of references for life. Think how many more jokes you’ll get, as you understand the world around you better.

The other day, many marketing classmates contemplated on differentiation and customer targeting (simple, but key concepts). It’s fun to imagine all the branding that co-opts our world, and then how competitors use them to try to mess around with each other’s image. One that comes to mind is the clever McDonald’s jab at Starbuck’s when they started marketing their morning coffee fix: “Large: the new grande.” Or, the ever-popular Apple commercials with “I’m a PC,” ribbing on the stodgy businessperson image. I love that!

Also, it is fascinating when crossing this with science fiction movies and their takes on the future. For example, Minority Report (the movie, not the short story) had instantaneous recognition of customers through eye scans, which automatically created advertisements for that specific customer. Getting the right message to the right customer? Or inundation of ad banners in reality? We’re seeing and analyzing those types of things on the web with all the mass-customization/personalization tied with ads from Google.

Never a dull moment!
– T

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