The End of the World as we Know it?

Well things have certainly been crazy in the financial markets in the last few weeks. But is it life as normal at Haas? Well, yes and no…. Many professors have certainly been able to use these interesting times on Wall St as a class case study – my Negotiations professor has discussed some of the behind doors bail-out negotitations that were going on, and we’ve certainly looked at the bailouts from a legal perspective in my Business Law class.

Last night was particularly interesting because I attended a townhall with the new Haas Dean, Rich Lyons. Rich’s opening comment was that he is really glad to be back at Haas, particularly because he has just come from Goldman Sachs – so we’ve rescued him from Wall St. Many students were asking about job prospects on Wall St, and what Rich and Haas are doing to help graduating students to find jobs on Wall St, both now and later. But Rich was excited about the reputation that Haas grads have out in the market – as having confidence without attitude. He believed that this reputation, along with other initiatives which Haas is undertaking – such as having a career center person on the ground in NY from Haas, will help Haas grads to make the most of the current job situtation.

Whilst driving home from Berkeley last night, I was reflecting on Dean Lyon’s speech, and listening to NPR, when I heard an interview with the Craig Barret, Intel CEO, who was lamenting on the lack of engineers and scientists in the US and Europe. He commented that now many young people want to go into Investment Banking, and less people want to go in traditional fields such as manufacturing. He felt that as a result, more traditional industries may be moved overseas. His advice to young people today is to “Get the best education you can, love what you do, and if you are the best at what you love, there will always be a place for you.”

I thought this was great advice for all of us you are thinking about our career direction in the current market conditions.



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