Senior year

I’m Diana and I am a third year student in the EWMBA program. I was a blogger last year as well. Like many of the students at Haas, I’m an looking to be a career changer. I spent the summer working at an environmental brokerage firm, where I worked on trades of carbon credits and renewable energy credits. It was a great experience.

Now I look forward to all the excitement of participating in the On Campus Recruiting (OCR) process. The turmoil on Wall Street has changed the job search process for this year. For example, I can now cross Lehmann Brothers off my list of target companies.

This semester I am taking Entrepreneurship and Negotiations. Entrepreneurship is one of the toughest classes to take during business school. Successful teams from prior years have went on to launch their businesses with VC funding from the likes of Kleiner Perkins. But right now, I’m still trying to figure what business model to use and how I could possibly turn a profit for the class project.

In many ways, this year is like going through Senior year again. I’m older and perhaps wiser than when I started the program. I can’t see the finish line yet, but I am getting closer.

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