Some free time… at last… or the art of procrastination

So finally I have some time to enter a new post on the blog. It seems that the past month as again been a hectic whirlwind. While Matt is writing of farewells, we the first years are still slaving away. We’re in our final week, and we’ve finished lectures, but just have one assignment and one exam remaining.

I think the last time I posted we had just finished our extra communications class on Saturdays. Wow it was a nice feeling to have the one done. Now we’re done with lectures, and it feels like every extra step is a huge milestone and a huge sigh of relief. We then transitioned to four and a half weeks of leadership classes – which have to be my favorite class so far. We learned about the power of networks – that your network can raise what you know to the power of who you know, and that people who have networks that look like that of Paul Revere can often make big impacts (like he did). We also learnt about persuasion and how to effect change in a company and in the marketplace through a case study of a jury decision, and a simulation of internal company change that we had to affect. The professor even had the class bidding more than $20 for a single $20 bill. We finished off the class with the Uzzi Ringarama – where many students had their wish come true through the power of the networks of their classmates. It was a very insightful and enjoyable class, and a truly positive experience to wrap up the semester.

So it feels like I’m pretty much done, but this is such a dangerous feeling with one exam remaining. We’re busy planning our end of year parties, and summer vacations, even hitting the bars in Berkeley a couple of Thursday nights knowing that our first will soon come to an end – but I still have that looming feeling, and have to continue to motivate myself to hit the books, even when it is 100 degrees outside and I all want to do is go swimming! But I know I’ll be done with Macroeconomics before I know it…. and will be savoring the sweet feeling of summer before school starts back in August.

To all those of you who’ve been following the blog, and hearing about the pain that Anlei and I have gone through – just know that it has been all worth it, and that the experience has been fantastic. I know we all have our sights set of on summer, and on second year, but we have a little piece of nostalgia as we finish first year, and a tiny bit of sadness knowing that we can never get this experience again.

Good luck all those who still have to sit finals….



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