Bidding for Electives

Well it feels like us first years have nearly made it to the big time – we’re 4 weeks away from finishing first year, and now we’ve also been through the bidding process and selected our Fall electives. A process that once seemed a bit mysterious, we’re now “experts” at – everyone discussing strategies over a hot dog at the Haas Alumni “Top Dog” event in Haas courtyard during our break this week.

Of course there are always the classes that “sell out”, but I guess my strategy was a little different – so I got both my first preferences – Business Law and Negotiations. I’m not looking to make a career switch into I-banking or consulting, or set up my own venture any time soon, but I wanted to develop my general business management skills. I’m also moving to Wednesday and Thursday night classes – the back-to-back classes can be brutal – will see how I survive. I hope that the Gold and Blue cohorts don’t totally lose touch with each other, now that we’re all scattered across the weeknights. Maybe we’ll actually have time to meet up at happy hours once we’re through first year.

In the mean time, I’ve still got 1 speech, 3 group reports, 2 individual reports, 1 group presentation, and 1 exam to go until I can enjoy the summer – its not downhill just yet! But the summer is feeling very close…..



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