The Home Stretch

My investor relations gig at Yahoo! is generally pretty cyclical, hours-wise. I work a fairly normal 10-hour day on average, some days punctuated with more action than others. Around the time we report earnings (Tuesday, April 22 for the first quarter), I work around the clock; I’m taking a little break from a marathon Sunday effort to pen this entry.

This quarter has been more hectic than any other in my career given a not-so-friendly overture from our friends in Redmond (uh, Microsoft). My dream of a lazy final semester was squashed when Steve Ballmer showed his interest in buying Yahoo! on February 1.

However, I’ve survived to this point (many thanks to Peets coffee) and tomorrow will be my last 18-hour pre-earnings-call workday as a Haas student. I’m going to cherish performing the mad scramble of buttoning up executives’ scripts, pulling together answers for anticipated tough investor questions, and last-minute number crunching with thoughts of neglected Haas papers and assignments swirling in the back of my mind. Next quarter, I’ll have the luxury of going through quarterly reporting while being able to focus solely on the tasks at hand (assuming Yahoo! still exists).

I gave my last Haas presentation on Saturday, and I now have a little Post-It note on my computer outlining the due dates of my last five deliverables. I’m still not sure how my blow-off last semester is presenting me with five deliverables in the final three weeks, but so it goes. I’m almost home.

Back to the grindstone, with the end in sight…

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