Annual Haas Networking Event South Bay

Late last month the Haas Alumni Network hosted the Annual Haas Networking Event – South Bay. This was my second time attending the event and as usual it was completely sold out soon after it was announced.

The event is held at the Menlo Circus Club and hosted by Steve Herrick, BS 60. The event starts with a reception and networking. This provides students with a friendly environment to meet alumni and peers. It is a great opportunity to know more about any person and also learn about his or her career/industry. I tried to make rounds of the room specifically trying to apply some of the tips that I learned from a “how to” networking session hosted by the Haas career services.

There is always a keynote speaker and this time it was Keval Desai, MBA 99, Director of Product Management, Google. The keynote speeches are always interesting and the content of the speech also provides some additional lubricant to the networking that continues after the speech.

I met a diverse set of Alumni which always opens my eyes to the possibilities after Haas. I thoroughly enjoy this event and hope to make it a part of my regular events to attend as an alumni.

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