Remembering Professor John Freeman

I’ve had a heavy heart this week following the death of Professor John Freeman. Professor Freeman was a leader in the field of entrepreneurship and a trusted advisor to many Bay Area companies and Haas students. His passing casts a long shadow across the campus, but many of his former students, including myself, have fond memories of his keen insight and enthusiasm by which to remember him.

Last spring, I took Entrepreneurship taught in tandem by Maura O’Neill and Professor Freeman. O’Neill is a serial entrepreneur with tremendous industry experience and an unmatched professional network. Professor Freeman provided melodious academic counterpoint to her street cred. The two of them came up with fantastic guest speakers each week, real experts in the field–visionaries, lawyers, and venture capitalists who brought entrepreneurship to life. It’s been my favorite class in the program, due in no small part to Professor Freeman’s easygoing demeanor, wry humor, and bountiful knowledge on the subject.

Professor Freeman was a true pillar of integrity and professionalism in the Haas community. I am grateful to have known him and to have learned from him, and I extend my deepest condolences to his family and colleagues as they grieve. He embodied the creative, enterprising spirit of Haas, and he will be missed.

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