Being a better juggler

Matt is dreaming about his last days at Haas but for me, the last three weeks have been hectic as hell. I have been travelling on business and I am currently posting from India. I had to miss the Saturday classes – something I try to avoid. Thankfully, classes are recorded and I have been catching up with the video streams. I managed to finish reading my cases and other readings on the long flight, so I have been able to make the most with the video streams. The downside is that the dynamic classroom experience just cannot be replicated in the video. My participation in the team projects has been spotty, but I have promised my team mates to make up for the lost time. Being in almost the same boat, my team mates understand about my situation.
In addition to catching up with classes, juggling work across two continents is tiring, especially with jetlag rearing its ugly head at all odd times. Nevertheless, between handling sales calls and getting product release plans going, things have been going at a break neck speed and I feel lucky that I have not collapsed flat on the floor. I know that this will also pass and I hope that I will emerge a better juggler with work and school after this passes by
Cheers … Dutta:)

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