I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

My job in Investor Relations at Yahoo! has always been fast-paced and highly enlightening, but things have picked up meaningfully since our pals in Redmond gave us a big bear hug last Friday.

I’ve basically been surviving on Krispy Kremes and Peets for the past week, juggling a variety of tasks while practicing the black art of saying something while saying nothing. I’m sorry, dear reader, but my lips are sealed tightly on this one.

While the uncertainty around my future employ is a bit unnerving, I’m fortunate to be in the vortex of what will likely be regarded as one of the more interesting business stories of our time. My professional experience around this situation should prove every bit as educational as the quality know-how I’m picking up at Haas, demonstrating the value of a part-time MBA–my day job feeds my Saturday classes which feed my day job, and on this merry journey goes.

Alas, for now, I remain two weeks behind in my reading and ever so grateful that my final semester comprises only one full class. At 7 pm on a Friday night, my day’s work is far from over, and my next day’s classes start all too soon, but I’ll catch a restful nap later knowing that I may actually sleep a full night tomorrow. Or, to paraphrase Mr. Zevon, perhaps that will have to wait until I’m dead.

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