Welcome Back

Well the first year evening students are back into it already. Those three weeks vacation seemed to fly by, and it felt like we’d hardly been away when we sat back in the classroom this week. I certainly wasn’t the only person in the class looking a little bleary eyed and feeling the effects of jet-lag. Our class certainly made the most of the break and travelled to all kinds of exotic places across the globe in the break.

This quarter we’re taking Operations Management and Finance, and we’ve been told its the toughest part of the program. I’m feeling exceptionally lucky though asI have been able to waive out of the Finance class because I have an undergrad major in Finance. So for now I’m only take Operations and trying to work out how best to schedule the extra class I need to take to make up the points that I will be missing from Finance.

Our class enjoyed dinner together provided by the Program Office on Tuesday night, and caught up on fellow classmates tales from the break. It really was a relief to arrive at class and know everyone and the routine – certainly was a lot easier than starting last semester. But we’re into it already – for Operations we had 3 chapters and a case to read before our first class and a case write-up due next week. And that’s without all the Finance work I’m sure everyone else is busy with.

So as the weekend students and second and third years are still partying hard and chilling out – think of us, first year evening students back into it in full swing. Counting down – 1 down, 5 to go….



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