Five Down, One to Go

Dear reader, please recognize that with the title of this post I do not intend to rub salt in the wounds of my fellow bloggers who have longer roads to slog, but rather to highlight the contrasting mindsets of EWMBA students at various points of the program continuum. Well, maybe just a pinch of salt…

Having moments ago emailed my Negotiations final to my professor, the semester is over, and I don’t really have a mindset. It’s all mush upstairs at this point. My celebration consists of a lukewarm cup of Peets coffee, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and the second half of the Warriors game (clearly I don’t party like I used to).

I’m having phantom pangs of duty–as I try to relax, I experience a stabbing sensation in my stomach, the hallmark physical instigator of a recurring thought while school’s in session: “You don’t have time to relax, punk. Turn off the game and do some reading. Or at least hit mute.”

But school’s not in session, not for five more weeks. I will not set the alarm for Saturday morning. I’ll wake up when I wake up and not drink coffee because I don’t have to. I’ll hit some golf balls. Enjoy a leisurely lunch. And go home a read a real book written by a real writer (no offense to Haas’s fine publishing professors).

As I tuck myself in tomorrow night, I’ll coax myself to sleep with sweet reveries of my upcoming final semester, one that should be relatively manageable given my recent acceptance into the international seminar in Chile in March, which confers two credits upon my weary transcript.

Adios, amigos. Voy a mirar el juego, entonces voy a no hacer nada. Dulce, dulce nada.

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