Haas Holiday Party

Well its that time of year – otherwise known as “the silly season”, and Haas is no exception – last Saturday night saw the Haas party of the year at the San Francisco Wax Museum. The event sold out, and over 300 full-time and 100 part-time MBA’ers and partners attended the holiday party amongst some famous icons from around the world. There was quite a buzz in the museum, and despite the fact the long awaited full-time vs Evening Weekend ‘dance-off’ didn’t seem to happen – the crowd at the bar meant we got very up close and personal with our full-time colleagues. Most of the first years were discussing the brutality of one particular accounting project judge, and the upcoming marketing exam – which most people were a lot less stressed about than the previous round of exams (the fact that we were out partying less than 48 hours before our final is testament to that!). A tip for new comers – this event was formal (the full-timers came in cocktail attire) – somehow the Evening Weekenders didn’t get that memo – mental note for next year!

Well – the first semester is over for me. The marketing exam is over (despite the small glitch of switching out the case study part way through the exam because some of us had seen it during orientation), my accounting presentation is done, and tonight is the final round of presentations – then we break free for the holidays. I think majority of my cohort are planning a beach vacation somewhere – discussing this in the cafeteria a few weeks ago some of the top vacation destinations for the winter break are Bahamas, Hawaii, Fiji, Southern California and anywhere with sunshine, relaxation and no text books! For me, I’m heading home to Australia for three weeks over our break – I fly out tomorrow night and am counting down.

Well – happy holidays all – and see you next semester!



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