At the End of the Tunnel, A Light

With two more post-Thanksgiving class sessions to go in my second-to-last semester, I can smell the end. And it smells pretty darn good, like a succulent turkey roasting on a Thursday afternoon.

That said, this blog will assume the form of a list of wistful reminiscences of time spent in the greater Haas community, largely because I’m short of poignant topics due to an acute inability to think clearly. In my old age, just the anticipation of the tryptophan-loaded turkey is enough to render me comatose.

Pardon the cliche, but I’m thankful for all that Haas has generously given me:

New freinds. I’ve made some lifelong pals in this program, despite the logistical and mental challenges we all face. In various social settings among these folks, I’ve performed some mighty embarrassing acts, the vast majority of which have thankfully not been photographically recorded.
New knowledge. I actually opened some books about business and read them. I chatted regularly with seasoned veterans in all lines of work. And I listened intently to some of the best profs in the land.
New opportunities. When I interviewed for my current job, the interviewers universally acknowledged they’d be honored to work with someone insane enough to go to b-school on Saturday. I read their minds: “This overachieving chump will do my work for me.”
Old shoes. I haven’t had time to buy new shoes since I’ve been in the program, and that’s saved me money and made me look like a hip, grungy dude.

I’m off to the homeland—Ohio, The Heart of It All. Go Bucks and Happy Turkey Day, y’all.

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