WWMFD? (What Would Max Fischer Do?)

When you work full time while attending business school, there’s no such thing as a blow-off class. That said, I’ve been enjoying a relatively mellow semester with my two “soft skills” classes, Negotiations and Leadership. That’s not to say I’m a slacker or these classes are not challenging; quite the contrary, to outwit your negotiating partner or excel in an experiential leadership exercise, you have to stay on top of the reading and be crisp of mind. But in-class exercises and very readable books have made this quarter un-quantitative and bereft of exams, which is nice.

I’m looking at a tougher semester for the grand finale (I graduate in May). I plan to take Game Theory and Brand Management, the first of which will be dense and math-heavy with the second marked by some pretty big projects. My senioritis will need to be cured if I’m to survive my final days at Haas and emerge triumphant in May, lambskin in hand.

Then again, if I decide I can’t handle the full workload ahead, I can always extend my stay at Haas. It’s been incredibly fun and gratifying to be back in college, albeit on Saturdays and with little time for meandering walks across campus. My nostalgic reveries of undergrad have been fed by my time at Berkeley, and while I do look forward to a more rational life schedule and some actual sleep next year, I’ll miss this place and the experiences I’ve had.

To quote my hero Max Fischer in the film Rushmore, “I guess you just gotta find something you love to do and then do it for the rest of your life. For me, it’s going to Rushmore.”

Maybe Haas is my Rushmore…

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