A Day in the Life of …..

Here’s a glimpse into what an Evening MBA’s student’s schedule is like on a typical class night –

4:15pm Depart from Work and commute to Berkeley from somewhere around the Bay via car, carpool, BART, or one of the Haas buses from South Bay.

5:30pm Arrive at Haas.

5:35pm Go to the Haas Computing center and print out last minute papers/check email. Go to the Graduate Student Lounge and check your mailbox.

5:50 pm Go to Jimmy Bean’s FIFO cafe and grab a burrito. (If you eat at Jimmy Bean’s, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get one of their burritos sooner or later.)

6pm Say hi to your classmates. Eat some of their snacks.

6:10pm Class Begins – Stimulating discussion about (fill in the blank).

7:30pm Break time – Go to the Bank of America Forum and sign up for an upcoming conference/Attend a networking session. Grab a snack (or dinner if you didn’t eat earlier) from Jimmy Bean’s. Meet up with your accounting group. Check your voice mail.

8:15pm Back to class – Case Study discussion.

9:30pm Class ends. Last minute chat with your group members or talk to the professor.

9:35pm Run for the bus or walk to your car. (Jimmy Bean’s is closed when class lets out, so you’ll need to go elsewhere if you want food).

Note: This schedule may not help with the weight loss mentioned in my previous post, but some students have been seen eating snap peas, yogurt, fruit and salads for dinner (there are almost as many healthy eaters as there are eaters of chips, fries, soda, pizza and burritos) 🙂

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