Not another Teen Movie

I wanted to share with all those people who didn’t do their undergrad degree here in US what the US college experience is like, from the perspective of an Evening Student. There have been moments on campus when I’ve felt like I was in the middle of a teen movie. Its been quite surreal for me having completed my undergrad degree in Australia where football teams, fraternities, living on campus, the marching band and College life in general as it is known at Berkeley is more likely to be seen on TV than on a university campus.

As evening students, we started a few weeks earlier than the full time students – so there were a few weeks when traffic along the main street to Haas was fairly reasonable, all the part-time students came from work for the evening, attended our classes and then went home. Although we still occasionally visited the bar – it was quite different to your average college stereotypes from a Teen movie.

But then as the other students arrived on campus – how the atmosphere changed! Driving towards Haas the street is lined with Fraternities and Sororities where (as the traffic crawled due to all the cars, pedestrians crossing the street and general college buzz) I saw activity in the Frat houses and Sororities. I learnt what “Rush Week” is when I saw blackboards with activities posted for the week and students dressed in all kinds of themed costumes each day as they participate in activities to get selected to be part of the Fraternity or Sorority.

The other big focus on campus is the Bears Football team. Haas is across the street from the Football stadium (and the protesters in the trees), and also from the field where the Band practices. Each evening as I arrive at Haas I walk past the band practice out on the field – wow, it is amazing. So many musicians, all coordinated (in music and in marching) – it is an incredible production. The only problem with having the band practice so close to Haas is that we have to shut the windows in class or the lecturer is drowned out by the sounds of Tubas and Trombones and other instruments. Our Organizational Behavior lecturer mentioned that Dean Campbell has been trying to get the band practice location rotated around campus so it is not so loud on any one school. He has been quoted saying that he achieved many things as Dean, but the higher the football team has been ranked, the less chance he has of moving the band practice.

Overall – the life on campus is definitely a fantastic vibe, and its fun to be part of it, even if it is only for a few hours a week. I’m going to my first football game this Saturday against Washington State – and I’m really excited. I’m hoping to go to the Haas Tailgate party before the game. I’ll let you know how it goes. Go Bears!



P.S. Anlei – I want to know your weight loss secrets!

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